Quality. Why the press trust us.

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A complete and intuitive space for the editorial department

A new approach to reading information

Contributions can be embedded by journalists in articles. The requirement of argumentative quality in contributions helps your team to create content.

Partnership contracts

Survey your readers on topics that matter to your partners.
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Data , your data

900,000 registrations generated in one year on all the debate spaces.

Additional revenues

The space presents new pages on your site, offering opportunities for your advertising department.
+ 2,6% of overall traffic
On average 600k additional page views for a site generating 25M page views.
+ 3 weekly articles
The summaries of the exchanges are used by the editorial staff to feed their publications.
+ 8,2% of 2nd session
Users participating in the exchange are notified when a response is made to them.
+ 36% registered / month
Addressable readers for subscription. Connected browsing that increases your advertising revenue.
+ 1000 indexed pages
Additional pages that perform well in SEO.
+ 2,2% of advertising revenue
The additional traffic presents display opportunities for your advertising agency.
+ 5k € / partner contract
The average ticket spent by a brand to confront its challenges with your readers.
+ 5000 moderated arguments / day
Our teams take the burden of moderation off your shoulders. Managing a space has never been easier.
+ 50 000 development hours
Install in 2 hours a platform developed in 2 years by public consultation experts.
Created for democracy by Logora