Our vision

Providing the best online space for reflection

Logora means turning the cacophony of online contributions into a space for reflection and construction by offering all citizens the opportunity to get involved in current issues.

Our vision: to promote collective intelligence by involving citizens in public debate

This space works on the model of a social network: citizens can contribute, vote, follow their favourite debaters, are notified when a debater responds to them, can earn badges and levels and, above all, exchange in an atmosphere of listening and collective intelligence.

Allowing everyone to make up their own minds

We propose a tool that gives citizens the keys to get involved in political life, to better understand the functioning of our society, and to grasp the stakes of political debate.

With your help, we can transform our online interactions into a new format of respect, collective intelligence and living together.

Bringing public debate to bear on policy decisions

We hope that the reflections carried out in our spaces will be able to challenge the leaders and lead to political decisions resulting from the public debate.

Because the debate is already a first citizen commitment, we aim to allow thousands of debaters to make their voices heard, both online and offline.

Created for democracy by Logora